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I'm developing a draughts/checkers app. Its main purpose is to allow people sign up and play against each other.

Its only a college project and initially the ability to handle lots of concurrent users is not of concern. My initial concern is to get it up and running for demonstration purposes.

I had a look at 'heroku'. You can sign up for free, and you get 1 dyno. Would this be enough for me initially? Would I be able to manage source control and get the app up and running to allow 2 people play a game? Is it very straight forward for someone that is only ok at linux?

I may look at putting it out to be used by the public at a later stage.

Any other tips of advice for hosting solutions welcome.

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Heroku sounds ideal for you and incredibly easy to get started. I have about 25 apps on Heroku that all scale differently depending on App need with the largest app supporting tens of thousands of simultaneous connections running on 6 dynos. Most only need one. The quick start guide should have you up and running in 5 minutes if you have git already set up.

Heroku's Quickstart Guide

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Yes. Heroku would be great for this kind of app. You can support more than 2 people concurrently and not spend any money unless you need to (which you won't initially).

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