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So I show my iAd banners when I get a callback to: 'bannerViewDidLoadAd'

But I've noticed that sometimes this doesn't get called. I have a constant high-speed internet connection but if I run my app 10 times. 4 of out 10 times it won't show the iAds (i.e., bannerViewDidLoadAd does not get called).

Has anyone else experienced this (and what have you done about this)?

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This is by design (I'm assuming you're still running in a dev environment) so that you can test your application when an iAd is available and when an iAd isn't available.

While you are developing your application, iAd Network sends test advertisements to your application. To assist you in validating your implementation, the iAd Network occasionally returns errors to test your error handling code. You can also test your error handling support by turning your device’s wireless capability off.

per Apple's documentation

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It's something to be very prepared for, in that it will fail to get called many times in the real world as well; many friends running iAds (I'm not doing so yet) see a fill rate of about 10%, so your bannerViewDidLoadAd will only be called 1 in 10 times. There just aren't enough paid ads in the system yet. –  Matthew Frederick Nov 25 '10 at 19:59

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