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I have table customer

 customerno   sname   contactid  address
  1           aaa       101       north
  1            bbb      102        south
  1            ccc       103       west
  2           ddd        104       south
  2           ccc        105       north
  2            eee        106       null

i want to convert particular customer detail into single line. i want result like

Customerno    sname1    sname2   sname3  address1  address2     address3
  1            aaa       bbb      ccc     north     south         west
  2            ddd       ccc      eee     south      north         null

help me ........

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This is very similar in nature to the question below. Please look at the answers for guidance. Since you are "pivoting" across more than 1 column, I think this problem can only be solved with a number of self joins.

Convert rows to columns

Not to bias you, here is my answer :) ...

Convert rows to columns

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I should add that the above solution only works where you have a known bound or limit of entries you want to pivot for each customerno in the table as this will be dictated by the number of self joins you make –  pero Nov 25 '10 at 20:20

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