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I am building a timer app for Windows Phone 7 and want to use a built in alarm when the timer runs out. Is this possible or do I have to create my own sounds?

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Jaime Rodriguez wrote:

Out of the box right now, it is not possible for you to reuse the sounds. There is no way for a SL or XNA app to get to those sounds.

I do like the idea of packaging the sounds and letting developers use them, similar to what we did for icons. Can't promise (so don't hold me against it, but will send emails to the right people and see what they share. Thanks for the suggestion.

You must create your own. Here are some tips

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Search for SoundEffect, which is a XNA class, but you can import. For Silverlight, you can use the class MediaElement, if you dont intend to use 2 sounds together. If you wish, then you will have to use SoundEffect.

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