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I was wondering if anyone has something simple to create a gallery from a bunch of divs. Such as

<div id=gallery>
    <div class='slide' id=1><img src='image1.png'> this is image 1</div>
    <div class='slide' id=2><img src='image1.png'> this is image 1</div>
    <div class='slide' id=3><img src='image1.png'> this is image 1</div>
    <div class='slide' id=4><img src='image1.png'> this is image 1</div>

I like to show one DIV at a time. Clicking div advances to next slide. And at the end, it loops back to the first one.

No effects, just a simple showing of one div followed by next.

Thanks Scott


Okay, I decided to just write my own based on http://sixrevisions.com/tutorials/javascript_tutorial/create-a-slick-and-accessible-slideshow-using-jquery/. Anyone can make this code more tight and efficient, please add comment.

  var currentPosition = 1;
  var slides = $('.slide');
  var numberOfSlides = slides.length;

  if(currentPosition==1){ $('.slide').hide(); $('#1').show()};

  // Create event listeners for .controls clicks
    .bind('click', function(){
    currentPosition = parseInt($(this).attr('id'));
    if(currentPosition == numberOfSlides) {
    } else {
        nextPosition = parseInt(currentPosition+1);

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see if this is what you want allposters.com, there is slider implemented we did recently –  kobe Nov 25 '10 at 19:49
there are examples available here vandelaydesign.com/blog/web-development/jquery-image-galleries –  kobe Nov 25 '10 at 19:50
did you see example at allposters.com , i can explain you howit is done. –  kobe Nov 25 '10 at 20:00
hi gov, that seems to be close to what i want. i just want to show a single div at a time instead of a set of divs. could you explain how it's done? –  Scott Yu - Front-End UX Nov 25 '10 at 21:31

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You might want to look at the ones suggested here to save yourself time: http://blueprintds.com/2009/01/20/top-14-jquery-photo-slideshow-gallery-plugins/

  • Christian
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Here's a similar question that got lots of answers: Nice way to show html elements like gallery, mooflow, lightbox etc..

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I changed my comment as answer


check our implementation recently on

www.allposters.com /// there is a slider here

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is this the one you are talking about? sixrevisions.com/tutorials/javascript_tutorial/… –  Scott Yu - Front-End UX Nov 25 '10 at 21:32

In my opinion the jQuery plugin Colorbox is the best! Very versatile and stable gallery.


Examples http://colorpowered.com/colorbox/core/example1/index.html

Real world implementation: http://www.bakkerbart.nl (if you press the "bestellen" button)

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@michale, he wants image slider –  kobe Nov 25 '10 at 20:03
hmm i thought a image gallery. my bad! although colorbox is quite powerfull :D –  Michael Nov 30 '10 at 17:50

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