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I'm trying to find a way to merge shelve changes with the latest version I have locally without overwriting my local files with those of the shelve.

That is, I have a shelve from date 0, on date 1 some changes were done in the tree, on date 2 I do a Get Latest Version, then when applying the shelve, changes of date 1 get lost.

No merge conflict between changes in date 1 and those of my shelve.

Ideas? Thanks!

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Two options spring to mind:

(Advice: Before you start, back up your code, in case there is anything in there that isn't safely stored on the server or in a shelve set!)

  • If you unshelve first, you will end up with locks on the shelved (0) files. Then GLV to get the (1) files. All the files you have locked will be merge conflicts, which you can then resolve, test, and check in as normal.

  • Get the shelved code and copy it to another folder on your hard drive. Then GLV the latest server code. Check out the files you have changed (or easier, the root folder), and then manually merge the two sets of sources. You can then "undo check out" to get rid of the unchanged files (say "no" to the "discard your changes" question and it'll keep locks only on changed files) and after testing that your code works, check in the resulting changed files.

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Finally, what I ended up doing was to

1) "get specific version" to the date when changeset was taken

2) "get latest version".

That way, TFS merges latest version with changed local files. (The other way around -what I was looking for- seems not possible).

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