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I'm working on a PyroCMS project, but having problems due to the lack of complete documentation. Does anyone know where I can find a list of core helpers, such as {pyro:navigation:links}?

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Can you accept the answer? – Phil Sturgeon Dec 21 '10 at 18:40
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I only pushed those changes live yesterday, I am building the documentation for this as we speak!


{pyro:settings:site_slogan} - or any other setting


{pyro:navigation:links group="header"}

{pyro:session:data name="foo"}
{pyro:session:flash name="foo"}

{pyro:session:messages success="success-box" notice="notice-box" error="error-box"}

{pyro:template:partial name="sidebar"}

{pyro:theme:path} - produces /path/to/addons/theme/xxx/
{pyro:theme:partial name="header"}
{pyro:theme:css file="style.css"}
{pyro:theme:js file="jquery.js"}
{pyro:theme:image file="logo.gif"}

{pyro:pages:url id="2"}

{pyro:url:current} - outputs
{pyro:url:base} - outputs
{pyro:url:segments segment="2" default="something"}

{pyro:helper:lang line="foo"}
{pyro:helper:date format="d/m/Y"}

{pyro:pages:children id="2"}

{pyro:news:posts limit="5"}

{pyro:widgets:area slug="sidebar"}
{pyro:widgets:instance id="8"}

That's not a complete list as like I said, I am currently writing it!

It will be here when it's done: PyroCMS Tag Reference

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We now have a pretty sweet Tag Reference:

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The docs have moved.

Also, a lot of the tags have changed to, so the navigation links would be something like:

{{ navigation:links group="header" }}
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