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Im Using Red5 to record live stream from the user. I am able to save the stream to disk and it generates an FLV file.

  1. When I'm trying to read the FLV file with some FLV player - it seems like the file's meta-data is corrupted - which also makes the progress bar to act oddly.

  2. Also, I tried to play with the file using Xuggle. It seems impossible since the generated FLV do not have the codec-id in it.

Any insight will be much appreciated.

Here is my relevant Red5 (JAVA) code:

public void record(IConnection conn, String streamName) 
  ClientBroadcastStream stream = (ClientBroadcastStream) getBroadcastStream(
  conn.getScope(), streamName);
  try {
        stream.saveAs(streamName, false);
  } catch (Exception e) {

public void encodeWithXuggler(IConnection conn, String streamName)
   String nm = "C:\\Program Files\\Red5\\webapps\\Red5Recorder\\streams\\"+
   File f = new File(nm);

   if (f.exists()) {

   IMediaReader reader = ToolFactory.makeReader(nm);

   reader.addListener(ToolFactory.makeWriter("output.mov", reader));

   while (reader.readPacket() == null);

   } else {
       System.out.print("NOT EXiST");


And the Xuggle error message I get:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: null inputCodecId at com.xuggle.xuggler.IContainerFormat.establishOutputCodecId(IContainerFormat.java:295) [xuggle-xuggler.jar:3.4.1012] at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaWriter.addStreamFromContainer(MediaWriter.java:1141) [xuggle-xuggler.jar:3.4.1012] at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaWriter.getStream(MediaWriter.java:1046) [xuggle-xuggler.jar:3.4.1012] at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaWriter.encodeAudio(MediaWriter.java:837) [xuggle-xuggler.jar:3.4.1012] at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaWriter.onAudioSamples(MediaWriter.java:1448) [xuggle-xuggler.jar:3.4.1012] at com.xuggle.mediatool.AMediaToolMixin.onAudioSamples(AMediaToolMixin.java:89) [xuggle-xuggler.jar:3.4.1012] at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaReader.dispatchAudioSamples(MediaReader.java:628) [xuggle-xuggler.jar:3.4.1012] at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaReader.decodeAudio(MediaReader.java:555) [xuggle-xuggler.jar:3.4.1012] at com.xuggle.mediatool.MediaReader.readPacket(MediaReader.java:469) [xuggle-xuggler.jar:3.4.1012]

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BTW - I did see this post stackoverflow.com/questions/2760570/… but Im not sure this is the same issue –  David Salzer Nov 25 '10 at 22:08
For the meantime: The problem is not Xuggler - but the generated/encoded flv by Red5. –  David Salzer Nov 30 '10 at 12:01
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I recently fixed a bug with establishOutputCodecID, so you may want to try the current Xuggler tip of tree.

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