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I have a requirement to use AND/OR operator to hibernate detached criteria queries. I want to emulate SQL eqivalent to:

Select * from myTable where city in ( X, Y ) OR city in (A,B);  

// Note i need to use multiple 'In' here

How to create citeria query to use 'OR' operator.

Something like

DetachedCriteria criteria = DetachedCriteria.forClass(

Unfortunatly there is no OR method in criteria , only add there.

Thanks in advance

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Use Restrictions.conjunction() and Restrictions.disjunction() to create the hierarchy of conditions.

Look here - section 15.2 and here


I suppose that your code Property.forName("city").in(X,Y)) is correct ( I don't remember this clausule )

DetachedCriteria criteria = DetachedCriteria.forClass(
       .add( Property.forName("city").in(X,Y) )
       .add(Property.forName("city").in(X,Y)  )
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Thanks Gaim. The document are not very revealing but i think i got the idea. If I'm right: – Alexs Nov 25 '10 at 22:18
Restrictions.conjunction() is for ADD operator and Restrictions.disjunction() for OR operator? – Alexs Nov 25 '10 at 22:19
@Alexs Yes, all restrictions added into conjunction are joined with AND operator and all restrictions added into disjunction are joined with OR. If it is not relevant then sorry, I didn't understand your question – Gaim Nov 25 '10 at 22:23
I am trying to use disjunction with DetachedCriteria as per example, i provided in my question: but its throwing error as cannot be used for DetachedCriteria ! DetachedCriteria criteria = DetachedCriteria.forClass(myClass.class); Disjunction disjunction = Restrictions.disjunction(); criteria.add(Property.forName("city").in(X,Y)); disjunction.add(criteria) I acatualy need to OR these two IN statements (pseudocode) criteria.add(Property.forName("city").in(X,Y) OR criteria.add(Property.forName("city").in(A,B)); – Alexs Nov 25 '10 at 22:40
@Alexs look at edit ( it is not tested but should be correct ) – Gaim Nov 25 '10 at 22:47

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