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basically i just want to get all the text after the _ .

i have tried

$productid = split("_",$PagePath, 1);

with no success what is the correct way of doing this?

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Use explode instead of split. The result of explode is an array, so use list():

list(,$productid) = explode('_', $PagePath, 2);

Note the third parameter, 2 instead of 1. Using 1 will not split anything. Or, just use preg_replace:

$productid = preg_replace('/^.*?_/', '', $PagePath);
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Thank you :D did the job perfectly, how the hell did i forget about regex god its too late –  user393273 Nov 25 '10 at 22:46

$productId = substr($string, (strpos($PagePath, '_') + 1)); //+1 accounts for the underscore

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You could try:

$productidtokens = explode("_",$pagePath, 2);
  $productid = $productidtokens[1];
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Try $productid = explode('_',$PagePath).

If you just intended to take the text after the '_', then get rid the first index in the array created by write : array_shift($productid).

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