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I have an iframe like this

<iframe  src="path/of/destiny"></iframe>

and I want to write something like this

<iframe  src="path/of/destiny?#{myParameter}"></iframe>
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That should be possible if you're using Facelets as view technology. But since you're asking this question, I assume that you're still using the legacy JSP as view technology. JSP doesn't allow deferred EL (#{}) in template text as Facelets does. You can however use standard EL (${}) in template text.

<iframe src="path/of/destiny?${myParameter}"></iframe>

You only need to take into account that whenever this has to be obtained as a JSF managed bean property like ${bean.myParameter}, that this bean is already been created and available in the scope. You can ensure this by calling #{bean.something} in a fullworthy JSF component somewhere before the line with the <iframe>. The #{} will create the bean if not created yet.

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