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I see the sample codes and walkthroughs on how to register your application, get the pin/uid and retrieve the access token and use it in the OnNewIntent method.

How can I do this OAuth authentication for a widget instead of an application?

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You need to start an Activity and start the Oauth flow from there.

You can use setOnClickPendingIntent to start an Activity if the user clicks on a part of the Widget, or use a Configuration Activity to have the user authenticate himself the moment the widget is placed on the homescreen.

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I used a separate activity as you suggested. I also tried the configuration activity but i couldnT get it working. For the authentication I launch the browser and as far as I remember now, I get back in the activity with the activity callback url and parse the oauth result OnNewIntent (?). And i think this event is not available for the configuration activity.. But anyway, like i said, a separate activity did the trick.. –  Zortkun Feb 25 '11 at 14:24

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