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Working with TGrid to make CAD project

Many cad’s in Delphi are a waste of time to my needs

I have taken TGrid and realized ‘selection’ dose not work in Onselectcell but works in OnDrawCell, but repeating code endlessly in OnDrawCell is not good coding in my eyes. So I overridden the paint procedure and made my own event and gained the use of ‘selection’ again before the print. This takes heaps of confusing code out of my OnDrawCell too and allows adjustment of the selection area before a selection is drawn. That’s ok but it calls paint too many times for a single paint that tracing my object code is hard if I need to? Has any one got a better idea of what I should override rather than Paint.

2/ I have already been writing my object info in the cells text of TGrid and my project works good like this. I just want to put a graphical aspect to the project be able to drag objects. and hide the text

I have a number of set drawobjects, that each object will draw over a number of cells. And that introduces issues like part objects being viewed in TGrid.

I’m also thinking of connecting cell height and width with my drawobject size too. This allows the grids cells to be small that a drawobject can have a stepped/set pixel movement over the grid with a drag a drop of the drawobject.

I’m thinking left mouse button drags objects, right mouse button drags the grid, mouse roller zooms in and out cell size. I see my self developing a Bitmap object that contains its size that works with this TGrid object and having a list if this bitmap object.

Has any one seen any work/code in this field, offer constructive advice? I’m sure some one knows more than me.

I’m not interested is edges of the grid to be displayed I want to save memory by using the cell’s text to record my DrawObject data and only draw an object in view if it’s viewable. This means rewrites at paint time. This goes back to limiting to many repaints in TGrid some how. I hope some one has a better idea than TTimer if I can. The bottom line is displaying a screen full of Drawobjects in the TGrid and having the processing in most computers to do it. Lets target 1.4GHz as the slowest.

My project dose not neet to comunicate with other CAD projects

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your question is probably too nebulous to get any useful answers –  David Heffernan Nov 26 '10 at 4:41
You've told us many things about the project that you are working on, but it's somewhat unclear to me where exactly you are stuck or how we can help you. –  Wouter van Nifterick Nov 26 '10 at 6:46
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From what I see, you're doing extensive painting. If your application is a CAD application, I think TGrid is not the right component to use.

If you're doing a lot of 2d painting, or if you render your own 3d stuff, you're probably better off using a TPaintBox or TPaintbox32 (see Graphics32) instead.

For the rest I'd advice you to rephrase your question to be more clear on what you expect from us. And if you've got several questions, spread them out into separate questions on this site. This website doesn't really work like a forum, where you just chat about a certain topic (in this case: the application that you're working on). Instead, try to ask 1 concise question at the time, in such a way that the answers can be rated.

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