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I have common web service interface on each endpoint applications (server and client). How can I create port on client side without connecting to server for "the same" wsdl?

I search something what present this pseudocode:

MagicProxyFactory proxy = MagicProxyFactory.newInstance(MyServiceInterface.class);

/* then bind service address like that
.put(BindingProvider.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY, "http address"); 

MyServiceInterface port = (MyServiceInterface) proxy.getPort();
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Steps include:

  1. Create the Service instance using the Service.create method for which you need to know wsdl location, service name, and name space URL of the service.

    URL wsdlLocation = new URL(""); QName serviceName = new QName("", "MyService"); Service s = Service.create(wsdlLocation, serviceName);

  2. Get the service proxy (service port for connecting) using Service.getPort() method. For this you need to know endpoint implemenattion class name.
    e.g. MyService port = s.getPort(MyService.class);

you can now call methods through proxy.

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Using Metro? You can't. You need the WSDL to create the proxy. Either bundle the WSDL with your client (preferred) or use a URL from where the WSDL can be downloaded during proxy creation.

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