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I have a JTable using DefaultTableModel as its internal data model. It will receive packet from network and show the packet in the JTable. Now i want to limit data model size so that it will only contain the newest packets and drop of the oldest, but the DefaultTableModel uses a dataVector of type Vector which has no size limit. Could anybody please give some help? Thanks!

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If you always insert new rows at the top of the table, you could easily perform a check on the TableModel when you do so, and remove manually:

 while (model.getRowCount() > myMaxRowCount) {

Another option would be to put this process into an extension of DefaultTableModel (or even AbstractTableModel, which would allow you to ditch the Vector for something a bit more modern). The Model could hold the maxRowCount that you want to maintain and then you can implement a new updateModel method that will do the add of the new data and the remove of the old.

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