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The type of elements in semiring module is ElementS which is a Set of elements. When I define zero = ElementS.empty it says that there is type error as type element <> ElementS.t

I couldnt find any similar questions and havent been able to resolve this issue.

module type SEMIRING =
    type elements
    type poly = elements polynomial
        type variable = int

    (** Constants **)
    val zero : elements (** Identity for + **)
    module CountingSemiring : SEMIRING =

 module Ord : Carrier.Order =
      let vector_order= 2

 module Z = Carrier.Make(Ord)

 module ElementS = Set.Make( 
     let compare =
     type t = Z
  end )

  type elements = ElementS 
  type varmap = elements IntMap.t
  type poly = elements polynomial

  let zero = ElementS.empty

(* *)
module Make (Ord:Order) =
 let o = Ord.vector_order

 type t = Elementi.t array 

  let gen i = 
  if( i < o) then 
  let arr = Array.make o (Elementi.N 0) in
  Array.set arr i (Elementi.N 1)
   failwith "Out of bound generate"
ERROR: Signature mismatch SEMIRING vs CountingSemiring
       Values do not match:
         val zero : ElementS.t
       is not included in
         val zero : elements
 when they should be the same.
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a set S and S.empty have different types. What is a way to get around this constraint in the present case? – Zubeen Lalani Nov 26 '10 at 3:44
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type elements = ElementS

this is probably a typo : you define elements to be a sum type with one constant constructor ElementS.

The compiler tells you that this type is incompatible with ElementS.t. So you should rather write:

type elements = ElementS.t
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