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How to check if Directory already Exists in MFC(VC++) ? I am using below code to get current application Path and there i am creating NDSLog folder so that all my Logfiles should place there , now i want to check the condition if NDSLog folder already exists dont create it .How to do that ?


char strPathName[_MAX_PATH];
    ::GetModuleFileName(NULL, strPathName, _MAX_PATH);

    // The following code will allow you to get the path.
    CString newPath(strPathName);
    int fpos = newPath.ReverseFind('\\');

    if (fpos != -1)
    newPath = newPath.Left(fpos+1);     
    newPath += "NDSLog\\" ;

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Can I just interject a plea to NOT put your logs under the current directory? On Vista and Windows 7, a non-elevated (ordinary in other words) application can't write anywhere under Program Files. Since you're writing this code today, and you're writing for Windows, please use AppData ( CSIDL_APPDATA ) for your logs. Create a subdirectory for your app and if you like another under that for the logs. –  Kate Gregory Nov 27 '10 at 19:29

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The simplest way to check if a file/directory exists is to use GetFileAttributes:

if (GetFileAttributes(newPath) == INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES) {

Note that the function will return INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES even if it fails due to some other reason, such as not having permissions to access the file, so you should check the return value of CreateDirectory to make sure that it succeeded.

Actually, you don't need to check whether the directory already exists; CreateDirectory will set an error code if the directory already exists:

if (!CreateDirectory(newPath,NULL)) {
  if (GetLastError() == ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS) {
    // directory already exists
  } else {
    // creation failed due to some other reason
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Both solutions do not take into account, that there may be a (regular) file with the same name as the directory to create: The first approach (GetFileAttributes()) should add a check if the "directory" attribute is set in case the return value != INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES. Then the directory really exists already. Otherwise a regular file with the same name will prevent the directory from being created. Same for second approach: CreateDirectory() returns ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS if a regular file (not a directory) already exists. –  oli_arborum Nov 15 '12 at 9:58

I use PathFileExists.

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FindFirstFile. Despite the "File" in the name, it'll find directories perfectly well.

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You can use _accees or _waccess from C runtime. This is the msdn page and you can see sample usage And also you don't have to wory about if directory already exist because CreateDirectory checks and returns ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS if exists. You can see from here (Return Codes).

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I must note, that GetFileAttributes work slow when file is a network path. Actually, it works slow for the first time, and fast afterwards.

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