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As most of you know TFS Team Build 2010 is Windows Workflow based. It comes with a handful of custom Activities out of the box. Is there any documentation available for these activities?

For example Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow.Activities.GetBuildAgent is one of the activities that has basically only one property called Result which I'm assuming takes a variable name that receives the agent name. But how does it determine which agent to select? which variables/arguments does it use to receive input/output? I'm sure if I ask around I can figure out how this specific Activity works, but what about the other 50 activities? I have been unsuccessful in finding documentation on these Microsoft provided activities to date.

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There is currently no documentation on these activities. I have seen some previews on a book on Team Build that will arrive soon (keep an eye on this blog) and the VS ALM rangers who will bring their guidance on codeplex during the beginning of CY11.

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See Team Foundation Build Activities on MSDN for documentation on all the included build activities.

The GetBuildAgent activity can only be used within an AgentScope activity. It returns the IBuildAgent object of the build agent that it is running on.

William's book on Inside the Microsoft Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build will also cover these build activities in more detail.

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Beyond the built-in activities, I immediately found a need to implement custom activities. Some Custom Activity examples are:

  • Checking in/out a file in the build process
  • Updating Version properties (to support ClickOnce deployment)
  • Updating deployment folder html file to support Version updates

I found an article by Jakob Ehn very helpful in navigating through this process.

Ewald Hofman has a very thorough guide to help you get more out of customizing Team Build. It acts as a great reference.

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