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I am using javascript to open save dialog box

the java script is

function openDialog(path) {



In my project, i am creating linkButtons dynamically and attaching this function with linkButton's OnClient Click event at run time.

            LinkButton linkButton = new LinkButton();
            linkButton.OnClientClick = "openDialog("+file.ToString()+")";

where "file" contains the path of the file which has to be saved.

But i am getting a javascript error as

"Expected ")" "

can anyone help me in what i am doing wrong in this.

I have N number of dynamically created linkButtons and i am associating each linkButton with different file.

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You are not quoting your string so it renders as:


which is not valid JavaScript. Change your C# code to read:

linkButton.OnClientClick = "openDialog('"+file.ToString()+"')";

This will render to the browser as:


which is valid JavaScript.

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