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I'm adding support fot Twitter authentication to my site using django-socialauth ( using this fork ). So I've added authentication backend, copied all files , set the api keys and now when I try to login I'm redirected to twitter's site wher I need to give permissions to application. After allowing I'm redirected back to the login page without being authenticated. I've debuged the code and it fails to proceed at this point of :

def authorize_token_url(self, token, callback_url=None):  
    oauth_request = oauth.OAuthRequest.from_consumer_and_token(self.consumer, token=token, http_url=self.authorization_url, callback=callback_url)

    tmp = oauth_request.sign_request(self.signature_method, self.consumer, token)      
    return oauth_request.to_url()

returned tmp is empty. What is this function used for and how it evaluates it's result? And more important how to make it return something.

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