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My problem with jql is that I want to retrieve the number of issues and the issues resolved in one day, but when I do a query like: proejct="blablabla" created >= -2d and created <-1d. I get the issues from -2d AND -1d. The >= OR > doesn't make ANY difference.

I saw that if you use the date like: proejct="blablabla" created >=2010-11-22 and created < 2010-11-23. It returns issues on 22-11-2010 that is correct, BUT if I do:

created >2010-11-22 and created < 2010-11-23 OR

created >2010-11-22 and created <= 2010-11-23

I get the SAME RESULT and the same problem is with createdDate (that is not possible to use with JqlClauseBuilder).

My question now is: Is it possible to get issues from ONE day with created and using -days? without mess out the query result?

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Answer from atlassian forum By Jobin Kuruvilla:

This is because you are not specifying the time. Basically it will take the time as 12.00 AM.

created >2010-11-22 and created < 2010-11-23 means created after 22nd 12.00AM and before 23rd 12:00 AM which basically means created on 22nd! Same can be told of other cases as well.

Include time like: created > "2010/11/26 01:35" 
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