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Can we use objects of one structure as members of another structure or union?

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Nested structures!Oh yes! – Fahad Uddin Nov 26 '10 at 10:01

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Yes, of course. Structs are types, and fields of structs can have any valid type:

struct Point
  int x, y;

struct Rectangle
 struct Point top_left;
 struct Point bottom_right;

This is very basic, and where C gets a lot of its expressive powers from.

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Yes. Example:

typedef struct MyStruct1
  int a;
  float b;

typedef struct AnotherStruct
  int number;
  MyStruct m_field2;

int main()
  AnotherStruct obj1;
  obj1.number = 10;
  obj1.m_field2.a = 10;
  obj1.m_field2.b = 34.43;
  return 0;
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Yes, of course:

struct address {
    char street[100];
    int number;

struct people {
    char name[100];
    struct address addr;
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Yes, you can. Short question - short answer :)

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Thanks for the shortest answer – Shweta Nov 26 '10 at 9:25

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