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Don't know if this is possible.

I'm using tinymce as a text editor and I want to allow user insert images. I achieved this, and tinymce inserts a tag with the proper src attribute.

The problem will come if later, I decide to change the path of the image or change its name, the text will still point to old location.

So I was wondering if tinymce can be configured to instead of generating a tag generate some kind of mark (as the ) so would let me relate it to a register in database and replace it by a tag image in server side.

This is easy too, what is not easy is to have both solutions running simultaneously: show the user the tag (while he/she is editing) but submiting to the server the "mark". Would tinymce support this?

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I don't know if this exactly answers your question but you can set a callback on submit function in TinyMCE (usually used to make Tiny an AJAX editor) But you could grab the data with the callback and modify it

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