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I want to use the QCA Library with QT4.7 and QTCreator as IDE.
I downloaded the "qca-2.0.2-mingw" Version and try to link them in my ".Pro"-file:

QT       += core
QT       -= gui
LIBS += -L"\qca-2.0.2-mingw\lib\"
LIBS += -lqca2

CONFIG *= qt
CONFIG   += console
CONFIG   -= app_bundle

INCLUDEPATH += "\qca-2.0.2-mingw\include\QtCrypto"
INCLUDEPATH += "\qca-2.0.2-mingw\bin"

TARGET = untitled1


LINKAGE = -lqca
CONFIG(debug, debug|release) {
    windows:LINKAGE = -lqcad
    mac:LINKAGE = -lqca_debug

SOURCES += main.cpp

it compiles but when I run a HMAC sample, copied from this location,

the application stuck with the following error:
Starting C:\Qt\2010.04\qt\untitled1\release\untitled1.exe... C:\Qt\2010.04\qt\untitled1\release\untitled1.exe exited with code -1073741515

Commenting out some lines doesn't bring the effect. Even the first line of the HMAX Example, will lead to the results described above "QCA::Initializer init;"
I've tried the "qca-2.0.0-mingw" also, but the same effect occurres.

Greets and Thanks first,

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If it builds, that's already good. If it doesn't start, usually DLLs are not found, at runtime. Try adding the path to the qca DLLs to your PATH. In creator you can configure that in the Run Environment section of your Run configuration (Project/Run Settings).

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Nailed it! Thanx for your quick response. – 70sCommander Dec 1 '10 at 8:25

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