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I tried to add a tag to the project and I tried it as follows. As I am beginner to SVN i tries it as follows.

In my terminal I used this command for setting a tag to the project.

Sekhars-Mac-book:desktop adminbluepal$ svn copy Parkable \
>  http://svn.parkable.com/repos/Parkable/tags/release-1.0 \
>  -m "Tagging the 1.0 release of the 'Parkable' project."

The response I got from this command is:

svn: OPTIONS of 'http://svn.parkable.com/repos/Parkable/tags': 200 OK     (http://svn.parkable.com)

Can anyone help be how to checkout the tag I set, and how to delete the tag?

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From the response, it appears that the tag command has not worked. If it had, you should have got the following message.

Committed revision nnn.

So you may not have to worry about deleting it.

It is likely that the url specified for the tagging is incorrect.

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Ohh Thanq raghuram.Hey u please suggest me the steps how to make checkout of a tag? –  Monish Kumar Nov 26 '10 at 11:52
svn co url-of-the-tag - e.g. svn co svn.parkable.com/repos/Parkable/tags/my-tag –  Raghuram Nov 26 '10 at 12:45
Actually I am confusing how to use the host name.from where we can get that Url. –  Monish Kumar Nov 27 '10 at 7:07

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