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I am trying to read the processes names from different REMOTE machines' task managers list. i.e., A java program that keep polls into different remote machines task lists.

Can any one suggest a good solution for this...?

Thanks in advance...

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You can use WMI for connection to remote windows machine and ssh to connect to uinx machine.

There are a lot of free SSH implementations for java. If you need WMI I'd recommed you jinterop.

for WMI use

select * from WIN32_Process;

for ssh use

ps command.

Window support telenet too, so you can connect to windows using telnet if you want.

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Windows support telnet, but it's not enabled out-of-the-box (as opposed to WMI). With WMI/ssh+ps you should be able to cover most computers - note that you'll need to authenticate for WMI or SSH. –  Piskvor Nov 26 '10 at 13:39

Probably the simplest way would be to have the remote machines publish their list of processes to authenticated clients - in other words, you'd need a "server" app on each of the remote machines, from which your client app would receive the process list.

Possible caveats:

  • remote-side app needed to monitor processes on that machine (you can't just read the process list off any machine, you need their cooperation)
  • authentication (you don't want just anyone to read the process list just by opening a connection to the remote server)
  • encryption (you don't want people to snoop the list out of the network as it's transmitted)
  • reliability (the server process may be slow/stop responding when computer is too loaded)
  • observer effect (at the very least, you'll see your "process-list-server" as an additional process)
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