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I am using a favicon which is linked in all pages using <link> tag. This favicon is stored in a folder inside the root folder, and I have another favicon stored in the root folder also. When the site loads fully the favicon which I am referring to is shown correctly. But when I stop the site before loading completely then it shows the favicon from the root folder.

Is this the default/desired behavior?


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I'd say yes.

The only way the browser can find your correct favicon is by using the <link> tag. If that tag's not present or parsed correctly the browser will have to fall back on its default behaviour which is to look for a file called favicon.ico in the root folder.

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I don't know about desired behaviour, but it is to be expected. The browser will request /favicon.ico by default, and the <link> is considered an override.

You will find for most browsers, they will actually fetch both, but display the <link> by preference.

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Most browsers, if they don't find a <link rel="icon"> or <link rel="shortcut icon">, fall back on the old bog-standard of showing /favicon.ico . Some can be configured to avoid this (e.g. Opera has this in GUI config), some will look for /favicon.ico regardless.

This is an artifact of the Browser Dark Ages and no fault of your own.

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