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Does someone knows if there is any tool on the internet that makes possible to create and share events, so people can check things like: attend to, like it, favorite it and also post their own events. Also for that you could create different types of rooms or directories for example: inside the web design room/directory you can post and view other users events but just related to web design?

This sounds very familiar to me, but I don't know if I can find a tool that can do it all.

A friend of mine which is an artist is very interested to have a room like that so she could post her events there and ask other friends to share the same room and post their own related events (becoming a network).

If anyone know about something like this it would be great if you could share it. I've tried to search internet over it but nothing solid so far.

Thanks in advance

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It would rely on mysql backing. a table for each "room", a user table, etc...then use php/ajax/jquery for the posting of events, etc...Sounds like an interesting project! On a side note, i've been waiting to use something like this: http://www.stream-hub.com/ for ages. That would make one cool website...

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I think http://upcoming.yahoo.com/ is something interesting close to what you want.

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