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A website running in a normal desktop browser like Firefox can be debugged with Firebug.

Similary, are there any tools which can be used to debug Mobile versions of websites running on browsers like Fennec, Opera Mobile, etc.?

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In most cases it is better to use your favorite browser and try to mimic the behaviour of a mobile Device. You can use Firefox Add-Ons like:

  • User Agent Switcher: to fake different mobile User-Agents (already comes with e few mobile Agents predefined)
  • Modify Headers: to fake some additional http-Headers that are sometimes needed (x-wap-profile, x-msisdn, Accept)

And of course your favorite Add-Ons for Debugging and Development

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You could check out JS Console and Weinre

Both allow remote js debugging of Webapplications, even on mobile devices

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Your JS Console link is incorrect, here's a JS Console link. Above is a link to the Weinre video. Here's the Weinre manual page which is very useful. – Brent Matzelle Jan 16 '12 at 15:45
Weinre demo video (the original now-removed link) – Rup Apr 25 '12 at 10:02
+1 for JS Console. – Chris22 Mar 10 '14 at 16:50

Unfortunately heiko, that isn't entirely true. Desktop browsers don't have touch events, for example. And I know that in Opera's case, the Mobile version's rendering engine lags the desktop version a bit.

[Disclosure: I work for Opera.] Opera's Dragonfly has a remote debugging feature built-in. You have to have Opera Mobile installed on the device and Opera on your computer. Your computer also has to allow connections on port 7001.

If you have an i(Pod||Pad||Phone), try Bugaboo.

JSConsole, as Hache pointed out, is also a good option.

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Although not running directly on the device, the WebKit developer tools are quite useful for mobile web debugging.

share|improve this answer like is remote debugging HTML and JS console and works fine on mobile devices.

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firebug lite with opera mobile 12.

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There is an embedded js console : YConsole made to make js debugging easier under any standalone mobile.

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