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for _, arg := range flag.Args() {
    go func() {
        path.Walk(arg, dupes, walkerrs)
        walkend <- true
for _ := range flag.Args() {
    if !<-walkend {

The second use of _ gives this error: no new variables on left side of :=. What have I done wrong?

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Use this line:

for _ = range flag.Args() {

The error should disappear if you omit initialization for the blank identifier.

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Thanks. I guess there's no point inferring type for the blank identifier, and it wouldn't know how. –  Matt Joiner Nov 26 '10 at 13:57

:= is a short variable declaration. _ is not a real variable, so you can't declare it.

You should use = instead, when you don't have any new variables.

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Thanks for pointing that out. –  Matt Joiner Nov 26 '10 at 14:19

An update for this question, as of Go 1.4 (current tip), you can use for range flag.Args() { ... } directly skipping the _ = part.

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