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I'm trying to set post commit build on Hudson but I can't enable Trigger builds remotely (e.g., from scripts) option in Hudson.

I have installed lots of plugins, google it for a while but all without success. This problem is kind of solved in (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2469831/hudson-build-on-url-token) but this doesn't work for me either.

My version of Hudson is Hudson ver. 1.378.


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I am on Hudson 1.381 and I have this option under Build Triggers. So tell us more about you configuration. Do you have security enabled (on Hudson, not job level)? Did you check the log file?

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It seems that you are on the right track - if you don't enable any security, then you can start the jobs without a token, and the option never appears. If you enable security, you then get the option. –  Danny Staple Apr 4 '11 at 11:14

If security isn't enabled on the Jenkins instance, then the option is not available.

But that's because you can do: http://jenkinsserver:8080/job/TestJob/build?delay=0sec

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