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Hi I have 2 domains , and The first domain which I bought was , I set the nameservers to and , after that I used the DNS server in my VPS and IIS for hosting the site and there were no problem , I just registered the second domain '' and made the same steps I had done for (in DNS server and IIs ) but now the problem is that I can not access the new website and my browser always says 'website not found' , But I can access the website when typing it's address in my VPS' Browser , I would really appreciate it if some one help me solve the problem . really thanks .

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up vote 1 down vote accepted does not resolve for me. If you ping it the domain name, what happens?

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Hi,tnx , the problem was resolved after one day , I think there is something like website names cache on my ISP , which is updated every one day , by the way the domain is which is successfully pinged right now , really tnx for your attention to my question , – DrSobhani Dec 9 '10 at 7:06

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