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I have just release a new version of my app to Apple which Apple approved. The version works great... for new users. But for "old" users the app crashes. They have to uninstall the app and then re-install it.

I have some users still running 3.1.3 which even see app crashes after unstalling and re-installing it.

This is the crash log from one of my users:

Date/Time: 2010-11-25 17:29:00.476 +0100
OS Version: iPhone OS 3.1.3 (7E18)
Report Version: 104

Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT
(SIGTRAP) Exception Codes: 0x00000001,
0xe7ffdefe Crashed Thread: 0

Dyld Error Message: Symbol not found: __NSConcreteGlobalBlock
Referenced from:
Expected in:
/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib in /var/mobile/Applications/2B003960-53A3-479A-9132-FE38C4AE88A2/stationen.app/stationen
Dyld Version: 149

This doesn't say me anything, can anybody help me with it? App works great on my iPhone 4 running 4.1.

Paul Peelen

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Are you using Flurry? If so you might want to have a look at this FAQ page.

From the page:

To support OS 3.x, please set Base SDK to iPhone Device 4.0 and iPhone OS Deployment Target to iPhone OS 3.0. Extra linker flags may be needed if NSConcreteGlobalBlock and UIBackgroundTaskInvalid runtime error occur under 3.x. The linker flags are: weak_framework UIKit weak_library /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

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Yes, I am using Flurry. Missed that. I do have weak UIKit linker flag, but thats because of backgrounding. Will have a look into that. Thanks! –  Paul Peelen Nov 26 '10 at 15:03
Alternatively in XCode 4 add "UIKit.framework" and "libSystem.B.dylib" in Build Phases and mark them as "Optional". –  adib May 2 '11 at 10:17
Dyld Error Message: Symbol not found: __NSConcreteGlobalBlock

Means that you're using __NSConcreteGlobalBlock and that it's not found on the device.

If you're using blocks in you app, you must require iOS 4.0 at least.

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