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I come from a Mac/UNIX background, but I'm tasked with creating installers for Adobe CS5 products at our organization.

We allow users to download installs and install themselves because we use KeyAccess software to ensure that the Adobe products will not run outside our network.

Adobe has provided a tool called the "Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition" to create installers that have options disabled, include application updates, provide a serial automatically, etc. We must use this tool because we do not want to give users serial numbers.

The issue we have is that with Adobe Creative Suite 5 this tool creates .msi installers for Windows installers. These installers must be run quietly (msiexec /quiet) and will not run with a UI. In the past Adobe's tools made .exe installers that we would run from a simple .bat file that would stay open until finished and then close. I'm trying to find a way to track the status of an msi installers because I need to return a message to our users when installation is finished. Invoking an msi through msiexec from the command prompt skips to the next line (msiexec is running in the background but the command prompt finished running the command).

Does anyone know a way to track msiexec's status easily?

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