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I am currently working on an app that adds JTextFields to a panel at runtime using:

int rowCounter = 1;             
pnlRows.add(new JLabel("Row " + rowCounter));
pnlRows.add(new JTextField(20));

The problem i have is that i want to use their values in a method but have no way of referencing them.

Is there a way to do something along the lines of:

int i = 1;
JTextField row + i = new JTextField();

So that every time i run the TextField made will be called row1, row2, row3 respectively.

Thank You.

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No there isn't, what you need to do is add them to a list so that later you can get them all.

Somewhere in your class you need this:

List<JTextField> fields = new ArrayList<JTextField>();

Then when they add them you can do this:

int rowCounter = fields.size()+1;             
pnlRows.add(new JLabel("Row " + rowCounter));
JTextField field = new JTextField(20);

Then finally wne you want to get them all you can iterate the list and get all the text fields out one by one.

for(JTextField field : fields){
    dostuff ...
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Thank You, this solved my problem – slex Nov 26 '10 at 16:27
public List<JTextField> rows = new Linkedlist<JTextField>();

addRow() {
    JTextField field = new JTextField(20);
    pnlRows.add(new JLabel("Row " + rows.size()));
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This is good, although you don't need to call revalidate() + validate(). revalidate() alone is enough. – Steve McLeod Nov 26 '10 at 16:12
why a linked list? It's almost never the best choice. – Michael Borgwardt Nov 26 '10 at 16:27

As far as I know this is not possible. Another (and perhaps neater) way to do this is to store the Labels when you create them something like

JTextField label = new JTextField(20);

You can then use the fieldList to access the text fields you want:

JTextField label = fieldList.get(row);

Edit: fieldList is a


of course.

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