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I need to implement an "infinite scrolling" timeline, where the pinch-to-zoom will change the scale of the timeline rather than zoom on the underlying view, almost exactly like the scroll view of the app iStreamer (see below). I don't think I can do this with UIScrollView and am considering implementing a custom UIView that draws the timeline and its contents.

Are there any classes/formulas/constants that can provide the physics simulation behind the "glass on liquid" effect of inertial scrolling?

iStreamer UI

iStreamer (above) has overlapping touchable elements and inertial scrolling. They might be doing this with a regular UIScrollView, but I don't know how to achieve the same effect. I need to add elements that could span very wide stretches (years or decades on a timeline).

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Just use a UIScrollView, and don't allow zooming on the scrollview. Instead, add a pinch gesture recognizer which implements the desired behaviour for the pinch behaviour.

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Use UIGestureRecognizer as jer suggested, otherwise this might help: http://macresearch.org/dynamics-scrolling

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