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I am using following script :

#script to print quality of man
#unnikrishnan 24/Nov/2010
shopt -s -o nounset
declare -rx SCRIPT=${0##*/}
declare -r OPTSTRING="hm:q:"
declare SWITCH
declare MAN
declare QUALITY
if [ $# -eq 0 ];then
printf "%s -h for more information\n" "$SCRIPT"
exit 192
while getopts "$OPTSTRING" SWITCH;do
case "$SWITCH" in
h) printf "%s\n" "Usage $SCRIPT -h -m MAN-NAME -q MAN-QUALITY"
   exit 0
\?) printf "%s\n" "Invalid option"
    printf "%s\n" "$SWITCH"
    exit 192
*) printf "%s\n" "Invalid argument"
   exit 192
printf "%s is a %s boy\n" "$MAN" "$QUALITY"
exit 0

In this if I am giving the junk option :

./getopts.sh adsas
./getopts.sh: line 32: MAN: unbound variable

you can see it fails. it seems while is not working. What is the best way to solve it.

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If you absolutely require MAN, then i suggest you don't make it an option parameter, but a positional parameter. Options are supposed to be optional.

However, if you want to do it as an option, then do:

# initialise MAN to the empty string
# loop as rewritten by DigitalRoss
while getopts "$OPTSTRING" SWITCH "$@"; do
  case "$SWITCH" in
    m) MAN="$OPTARG" ;;
# check that you have a value for MAN
[[ -n "$MAN" ]] || { echo "You must supply a MAN's name with -m"; exit 1; }

Even better, print the usage message before exiting - pull it out into a function so you can share it with the -h option's case.

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The getopts builtin returns 1 ("false") when there are no option arguments.

So, your while never executes unless you have option arguments beginning with a -.

Note the last paragraph in the getopts section of bash(1):

          getopts  returns true if an option, specified or unspecified, is
          found.  It returns false if the end of options is encountered or
          an error occurs.
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The "best" solution is subjective. One solution would be to give default values to those variables that can be set by options.

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