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I have used MATLAB before but used it to analyses data from *.txt file. Can someone help me out how can I program the MATLAB to read all the 100 csv file. Each csv file have 14 columns, and about 10,000 rows. These csv files only contain numbers, no text.

All I want is to read columns F,G and H. And from the to calculate the average value for column F, G and H, Then again average the value for the whole 100 csv files for column F, G and H.

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ok, why the -1? OP is just trying to get some help and has stated the question fairly clearly. – Jason S Nov 29 '10 at 13:02

You can enumerate all the files in a directory by doing

files= dir('folder_wilth_your_csv_files\*.csv');

And then you traverse that with

num_files = length(files);
for i=1:num_files

csvread will allow you to read in only a certain row and col range if you want. Once you have your data, averaging is the trivial part.

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Have you looked at dlmread or csvread?

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