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I am trying to use this function to pull data from Foursquare through yahoo query lang. I can get results but, i can't get the nested primarycategory objects results. It gives me [object object]. If i try to use it as a variable, then function fails with a unidentified object. I am a newbie, may be this is a stupid question but how can i get this results too...

function fsqpoints(o)
            var venues =;
            var output = '';
            for(var i=0,j=venues.length;i<j;i++) {
                var cur = venues[i]
                 var id =;
                var path = cur.primarycategory;
                  var address = cur.address;
                  var name =;  
                  output += "<h3><a href='" + id + "'>"+name+"</a></h3>" + address + "," + path + "<hr/>";    }    

                document.getElementById('results').innerHTML = output;
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Try name.text().toString() instead of just "name". The same applies to all other nodes.

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