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So I have a database, within which there is a table with two columns: rightWord and wrongWord. I wish to select the rightWord value when the wrongWord value is equal to a variable declared in Java. I have the following code so far:

SELECT rightWord FROM dictionaryTable WHERE wrongWord = (?)

String rightWord = existsingKeywords.getString("rightWord");

That works and I am able to get the first value in rightWord column when wrongWord equals the Java variable. Now, how can I check if the any of the values in the wrongWord column does not match the Java variable? I have the above code in a for loop, and the value of the java variable is different every time.

Please help. Thanks!

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Assuming existingKeywords is your ResultSet. The next() function will return false when there is no value.

Typical usage:

 if (existingKeywords.next()) {
    String rightWord = existingKeywords.getString("rightWord");
 } else {
    // no right word...
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Yep, that works. Thank you! – TookTheRook Nov 26 '10 at 20:31

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