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My Macbook Pro was damaged and I have to take it to Apple to get a new Hard Drive. The old one would not boot but I was able to recover my projects from it. I opened a project and actually revoked and reset my certificate, etc in the provisioning portal. I also reinstalled my device (iPhone) in the organizer. Everything looks fine in the organizer except nothing shows up under "Developer Profile".

I cleaned all targets also and restarted XCode.

  1. The profiles are there in the target and projects settings but they are grey so I cannot click on them.

  2. I only have ios 4.2 as a choice for SDK's (No simulator and no iPhone even though it's connected and ready in the organizer)

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I was able to get it working by adding the iPhone to the portal.

  1. Go to organizer in XCode (Window > Organizer)
  2. Right click on the device (iPhone)
  3. Select "Add device to provisioning portal"

It will fix these issues!

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