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hi i want to know WHERE to write stored procedures in postgreSQL?? i mean not how to write but the very basic thing where to write...where to go if i want to write one ?? is it written just like query or in some different sort of file?? i am fairly new to postgresql so please xplain as much as possible

Thank u

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Just use any text editor to create a (SQL) file containing the necessary CREATE FUNCTION statement.

Then run that file using psql.

As an alternative you can use a GUI tool like pgAdmin or something similar (Squirrel, DbVisualizer, SQL Workbench/J, ...) where you have the editor "built-in" You can directly run the statement that you edit against the database.

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Use the CREATE FUNCTION... command in whatever your prefered PSQL manager is.

Something like this (psuedo SQL):

    MyProc(text, text)
    INSERT INTO MyTable (text_val_1, text_val_2)
    VALUES ($1, $2);

More info can be found here:


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