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At the moment I am using a UITableView with one cell disabled. However I would like to know how I could enable this cell, when another cell is clicked.

Thanks In Advanced.

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and we just want to know, what u tried so far. –  vikingosegundo Nov 26 '10 at 22:27
It may do you good to write in the present tense. Also, have you got any existing code to show us? –  BoltClock Nov 26 '10 at 23:47
Are you talking about a UITableView? If so you should be able to calculate the NSIndexPath of the row you want to update from your data model. –  Michael Kernahan Nov 26 '10 at 23:55

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Read this guide http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/iPad/#documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/TableView_iPhone/AboutTableViewsiPhone/AboutTableViewsiPhone.html and read it carefully all the info you need is here.

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No its not. It doesn't say anything about enabling and disabling cells. –  MKDev Nov 28 '10 at 14:07

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