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I create an applictaion that creat excel file using OpenXML At one of spreadsheets I want to group rows and get total of values of specific (colomn in row)

**Student           Subject       Score**
Ahmed                 A          20
Ahmed                 B           15
Ahmed                 C           15
Ahmed Total                      50
Aly                 A            10
Aly                 B            20
Aly                 C            10
Aly Total                        40
Grand Total                      90

I need to group scores for each student to get his score then group all scores to get grand total and the style of grouping is the same with style in Ribbon in Excel

I found class GroupItems but I haven't any tutorial for it

How can I do it using OpenXMl + C#

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This sounds like it might be an ideal candidate for using a plain old Pivot Table? I mean you are in excel already, why complicate matters with OpenXML & C# when excel has all this powerful functionality built in for you to use?

This is probably what most people consider to be Excel's most useful feature.

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found this example for grouping columns and rows http://openxmldeveloper.org/discussions/formats/f/14/p/312/721.aspx#721, not [yet] tested it.

Roe grouping is acheived using outlineLevelRow="1".

Totals can be done using a formulas within the cells.

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