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Could someone please give good samples of opensource C# / Mono projects, if possible with tests for xUnit / any other testing framework.

This might also be the source code in C# that you've enjoyed the most.

For example, in C++ I could probably name any library from boost sandbox or the Qt framework as an example of well-written and maintained projects (something you really enjoy studying).

Thank you.

If this is a duplicate, please point it out. I didn't find any topics with the same question, but I really wish to :)

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These come to mind quickly. I have hacked on two of them myself.

  • MonoDevelop - Cross-platform, extensible IDE supporting C#, among other languages.
  • Banshee - Cross-platform, extensible media library manager/player. Similar to iTunes in some respects.
  • F-Spot - Cross-platform, extensible photo manipulator and library manager.
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The answers to this question of mine about real-world Mono usage might be helpful to you.

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There's quite a few at mono-project.com

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