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Understanding Classes in PHP

I pretty often see "extends" in classes, like

class a
  // its content here

class b extends a
  //other content here

What's the job of extends?

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This is a OOP principle called Inheritance.

When a class B inherits (extends) from class A, an instance of class B inherits all the functionality from class A and has access to protected (and of course public) methods and attributes via parent::.

Read more about inheritance in PHP.

Inheritance is often used when classes share certain properties.
For example, I can have a class Person that holds information such as name and subclasses Customer, Partner, that inherit the property name but add some custom functionality.

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That's the keyword PHP uses for class inheritance. class b is a sub-class of class a and therefore is for all intents and purposes an instance of class a but also with the additional (extended) properties defined in class b.

Further reading here.

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There is a reasonable introduction to class inheritance in the PHP manual:

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