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Just looking on what I would use to only allow specific files to be selected (Images for now)

setFileTypesArray returns

NSOpenPanel may not respond to -setFileTypesArray:

and then the panel doesn't open up at all. Heres my code:

    NSArray  * fileTypes = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"png",@"tiff",@"baz",nil];

NSLog(@"Button Pressed");
[textField setStringValue:@"Test"];
int i; // Loop counter.

NSOpenPanel* openDlg = [NSOpenPanel openPanel];

[openDlg setCanChooseFiles:YES];
[openDlg setFileTypesArray:fileTypes];


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You're looking for a delegate method from NSSaveOpenPanel's delegate

-(BOOL)panel:(id)sender shouldShowFilename:(NSString *)filename
        NSString* ext = [filename pathExtension];
        if (ext == @"" || ext == @"/" || ext == nil || ext == NULL || [ext length] < 1) {
                return TRUE;

        NSLog(@"Ext: '%@'", ext);

        NSEnumerator* tagEnumerator = [[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"png", @"tiff", @"jpg", @"gif", @"jpeg", nil] objectEnumerator];
        NSString* allowedExt;
        while ((allowedExt = [tagEnumerator nextObject]))
                if ([ext caseInsensitiveCompare:allowedExt] == NSOrderedSame)
                        return TRUE;

        return FALSE;

Then, set your panel's delegate to "self", or wherever your define this method above.

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long depricated –  Peter Lapisu Oct 17 '13 at 10:31
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How about [openDlg setAllowedFileTypes:fileTypes];?

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This is by far the best method to filter by file types –  Alejandro Luengo Dec 30 '12 at 21:43
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The method you're looking for is setAllowedFileTypes -- see the docs for the parent class, NSSavePanel.

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You may wan to check out

[panel setAllowedFileTypes:[NSImage imageFileTypes]];

Or implement the delegate NSOpenSavePanelDelegate

and implement

- (BOOL)panel:(id)sender shouldEnableURL:(NSURL *)url {

    NSString * fileExtension = [url pathExtension];
    if (([fileExtension  isEqual: @""]) || ([fileExtension  isEqual: @"/"]) || (fileExtension == nil)) {
        return YES;

    NSSet * allowed = [NSSet setWithArray:@[@"png", @"tiff", @"jpg", @"gif", @"jpeg"]];
    return [allowed containsObject:[fileExtension lowercaseString]];

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