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Please, give me some samples of queries in C# with "$or" logic. I am using C# driver, written by Samus (

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If you have a typed collection (the Person type in this example) you can do an OR using Linq:

var mongo = new Mongo("Server=localhost:27017");

List<Person> people = mongo["dbName"].GetCollection<Person>("people").Linq().Where(x => x.Age == 21 || x.Age == 35).ToList();


At the moment that won't use the "$or" operator (it will use JavaScript for the ||, see JavaScript Mode in this wiki page).

If you really want to use the "$or" operator you could build up a query document and pass an array of conditions to the "$or" operator:

var mongo = new Mongo("Server=localhost:27017");

var query = new Document
    {"$or", new Document[] { new Document("Age", 21), new Document("Age", 35) } }
Document people = mongo["dbName"].GetCollection("people").Find(query);

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Hi Can you please show how to do this today using the official C# Drive? (not using Linq) – adinas Nov 29 '12 at 10:12

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