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I have a /public_html/ folder, in that folder there's a /tmp/ folder that has like 70gb of files I don't really need.

Now I am trying to create a .tar.gz of /public_html/ excluding /tmp/

This is the command i ran

tar -pczf MyBackup.tar.gz /home/user/public_html/ --exclude "/home/user/public_html/tmp/" 

The tar is still being created, and by doing an "ls -sh" i can see that MyBackup.tar.gz already has about 30gb, and I know for sure that /public_html/ without /tmp/ doesn't have more than 1GB of files.

What did I do wrong?

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Try removing the last / at the end of the directory path to exclude

tar -pczf MyBackup.tar.gz /home/user/public_html/ --exclude "/home/user/public_html/tmp" 
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Thanks, that was the "error". – suresh Nov 27 '10 at 5:12
Thanks, this worked for me ;) – Yudi Dwiyanto Feb 26 at 4:00

Yes, remove the trailing / and (at least in ubuntu 11.04) all the paths given must be relative or full path. You can't mix absolute and relative paths in the same command.

sudo tar -czvf 2011.10.24.tar.gz ./start-directory --exclude "home/user/start-directory/logs"

will not exclude logs directory but

sudo tar -czvf 2011.10.24.tar.gz ./start-directory --exclude "./start-directory/logs"

will work

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Work for me when i remove absolute path in exclude argument. – jruzafa Mar 2 '15 at 10:44
The tip about mixing absolute and relative paths was key for me here – Dmitri DB Apr 14 '15 at 0:43

Try moving the --exclude to before the include.

tar -pczf MyBackup.tar.gz --exclude "/home/user/public_html/tmp/" /home/user/public_html/ 
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Try this

tar -pczvf advancedarts.tar.gz /home/user/public_html/ --exclude /home/user/public_html/tmp
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The exclude option needs to include the = sign and " are not required.

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