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How to check if an article is a post or a page in WordPress?

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You can use the is_page() and is_single() functions.

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is_single() will also return true for custom post types, if you want to be 100% sure it's a post then use is_singular('post') –  user2019515 Aug 21 at 15:15

If you're looping through a collection of posts/pages (say, on a search results page), then is_single() and is_page() won't be of any use. In this situation, you could grab the global $post object (of type WP_Post) and examine the $post->post_type property. Possible values include 'post' and 'page'.

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joschi is right. Sorry to be this late but this post explains some useful functions such as how to determine if a page is post, page or homepage

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You mean that is_single() will return true if it is a post ? (not a page), am I right,

I like that, I think you wrong, because I have a plugin show some text on only post, I'm using is_single() but It also show on pages.

Please advice.


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is_singular() returns true for a single post, page or attachment

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